By Crafted Originals


  • Single window: £160

  • Pair of windows: £230

Our fitting prices include adhesive and trim.

We can fit customer supplied windows.

Fitting takes between 1 and 2 hours per window. The vehicle can be driven away a further hour after installation.


We only use premium windows which are 80% laminate tinted, not to be confused with cheaper film tinted glass which can peel over time.

Our windows allow for light to pass into the vehicle whilst maintaining privacy. 

We have had these windows on our own personal vans for 5 years and they still look brand new.

They are tempered glass to EU standard E17.

Prices vary depending on:

  • The make and model of your vehicle

  • Opening/fixed window

  • Tinted/non-tinted window.

Please note that non-tinted windows are less commonly stocked and more time is needed to order these in.

Please contact us for further details or to book your fitting.